Engineered Solutions for Health

Using engineering approaches to design and build advanced technological solutions for childhood health conditions.  


Goldstein (Seth) Laboratory

The Goldstein Lab is dedicated to the development and testing of new engineering technologies that will benefit children. Our expertise includes wearable devices, ultrasound, and visible to near-infrared fluorescence spectroscopy for noninvasive tissue diagnostics. 

Sharma (Arun) Laboratory

The Sharma Laboratory explores aspects of tissue engineering technology related to the regeneration of functional bladder tissue. Clinically, the gold standard for repair of a diseased or injured bladder is enterocystoplasty – i.e., augmentation with a piece of bowel. While this can restore partial urinary function and prevent more serious disease, patients may have metabolic imbalances and may be required to self-catheterize for the rest of their lives.

The goal of this research is to develop a tissue-engineered replacement for bladder tissue that restores regular urinary function while avoiding the issues associated with bowel augmentation.