Laronda Laboratory

The Laronda laboratory addresses fundamental regenerative medicine questions through the lens of reproductive biology. The main objective of our lab is to develop a patient-specific ovarian follicle niche that will support systemic endocrine function and fertility in women and girls who were sterilized by cancer treatments, have disorders of sex development or were exposed to other factors that could result in premature ovarian failure or sex hormone insufficiency. This research bridges foundational science, translational research and clinical practice.



Mailing Address:
Morton Building Room 4-685
310 E Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60611

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Principal Investigator

Monica M. Laronda, PhD

Monica Laronda, PhD, has developed a strong research interest in basic reproductive biology and endocrinology to feed the underlying knowledge required to develop treatments that can protect or restore fertility and hormone function. The Laronda Laboratory strives to understand how the ovarian niche maintains and promotes oocyte development, to use this information to generate in vitro models and implantable bioprosthetic ovaries as a regenerative means to support endocrine function and egg production in patients with primary ovarian insufficiency, and to engineer endocrine organs that support sex hormone production.