MacQuarrie Laboratory

Kyle MacQuarrie, MD, PhD, is a pediatric oncologist who specializes clinically in the care of children with solid tumors, and has a particular interest in pediatric sarcomas. Dr. MacQuarrie’s research interests include understanding the relationship between normal developmental biology and pediatric cancer, focusing on the pediatric tumor of skeletal muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma. Dr. MacQuarrie hopes to leverage these types of studies to advance our understanding and treatment of pediatric cancers generally. He also has an interest in scientific and medical diversity, equity, inclusion, and mentoring. 

Research Topics

Pediatric Solid Tumors
Pediatric Sarcomas
Nuclear Organization
Developmental Biology


Kyle MacQuarrie, MD, PhD  

Research Highlights


The purpose of this project is to characterize differences and similarities of the organization of the cell nucleus between rhabdomyosarcoma tumor cells and normal skeletal muscle cells with the aim of identifying differences that are key to tumor biology. Organization in the nucleus of genes and chromosomes has impacts on cell behavior and gene expression, but the role that plays in pediatric cancers such as rhabdomyosarcoma is not entirely clear. Using tools such as molecular biology techniques, three dimensional microscopy, and next-generation sequencing, Dr. MacQuarrie and the research team are probing what specific differences are present, with the hope such differences will help explain rhabdomyosarcoma behavior and growth and present novel avenues to pursue for future treatment. 

Principal Investigator