The purpose of this clinical trial is to learn about the safety and effects of the study vaccine (called COMIRNATY) for the potential prevention of COVID-19. This study is seeking participants who: 1. Are age <21 years. 2. have presentation to participating medical center with evaluation in emergency room and or hospitalization. 3. received either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or booster dose(s) of comirnaty within 7 days of symptom onset. 4. meet criteria of centers for disease control and prevention case definition of probable or confirmed myocarditis pericarditis 5. are capable of giving signed informed consent assent (by parents legal guardians of minors and or patients), which includes compliance with the requirements and restrictions listed in the informed consent assent document and in this protocol or meets criteria for waiver of consent. this study will examine the potential long-term effects associated with myocarditis pericarditis following vaccination with comirnaty. the association of myocarditis pericarditis in participants who received the study vaccine (comirnaty) compared with those associated with covid-19 will also be examined. this will help us determine if comirnaty is safe and effective, and if there is a myocarditis pericarditis association that should be noted. participants will take part in this study for up to 5 years. during this time, they will receive complete cardiac imaging tests, and have follow up visits per guidance stated in the study protocol.>

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