The compassionate use programme will give participants concizumab for free, even though it is not yet approved by health authorities. This is because participants need this medicine to treat their haemophilia properly. The programme will check that participants are safe and that the medicine works for them. The programme may last for years. Participants will take one injection under their skin every day. Participants will have 4-5 visits with the study doctor for the first half year. After that they will have 1 visit every half year. At all clinic visits participants will have blood samples taken. Participants will fill in a diary between the visits. A patient is considered to have completed the programme when any of the following criteria occurred first: 1) when the patient is included in a clinical trial with concizumab or 2) up to 6 months after concizumab is commercially available in the patient's country and approved for the patient (The time span of 6 months should provide ample time for the patient to obtain concizumab commercially) or 3) the sponsor decides to discontinue concizumab clinical development for the patient's population.

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