Data Services Core

The Data Services Core is a service offering from the Quantitative Science pillar at Manne Research Institute that investigators can leverage to support their Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) related activities, including data management, security, and compliance. 

Pre-award, the Data Services Core can help investigators: 

  • Craft their DMSP
  • Identify and define relevant data standards, common data elements, and ontologies
  • Select appropriate repositories
  • Prepare relevant sections of their grant application

Post-award, the Data Services Core supports several activities, including, but not limited to: 

  • Data and metadata management
  • Appropriate deidentification and curation of data
  • Developing supporting documentation
  • Uploading data to public repositories
  • Ensuring DMSP compliance

Service Cost: The Data Services Core uses a chargeback model for its services.  Pre-award support is provided at no cost to investigators as long as the Data Services Core is included in the grant budget. The Data Services Core will provide investigators with the necessary documentation for a successful application, including: 

  • DMSP (written in partnership with the investigator)
  • Costs for inclusion in the budget line for the DMSP
  • Budget justification for the DMS Plan
  • Review of the relevant technical components of the research strategy
  • Updated facilities and resources
  • Letter of support from the office of the Chief Research Informatics Officer describing our data environment and capabilities that ensure compliance with all relevant NIH and federal data managing and sharing policies.

To request a Data Services Core consultation and budget estimate, start with the Research Navigation Team intake form.