Histology Services

Our histology services are located at Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute on the 10th floor of the Simpson Querry Building, rooms 10-508 and 10-509.  We offer a wide range of histology services with both a drop-off service and self-serve cutting stations. 

Our in-house services include: 

  • Tissue processing
  • Paraffin embedding
  • Frozen embedding
  • PPFE tissue sectioning
  • Frozen tissue sectioning
  • H&E staining
  • Special stains
  • Full slide scanning 

Cutting Stations

Our cutting stations are only available to users who have been trained. To schedule a training, contact Alan de Jesus Rodriguez, HTL, at arodriguez@luriechildrens.org or 312.503.7669

  • 1 Leica 3050S Cryostat
  • 1 Tanner Scientific TM50 Cryostat
  • 1 Thermo Fisher HM 3255 Automatic Microtome

Contact information 

For more information, contact Alan de Jesus Rodriguez, HTL, at arodriguez@luriechildrens.org or 312.503.7669.

Specimens can be dropped off on the table outside of 10-509 and must be accompanied with a completed ordering sheet

Examples of specimen drop off:


Tips for Submitting Specimen 

  • Fixation: Volume of fixative should be 15-20 times greater than the tissue volume.  Generally, 24-48 hours in formalin is recommended for paraffin processing and embedding. 
  • Make sure cassettes are labeled with a xylene and alcohol resistant marker, or a #2 pencil, making sure not to smudge it.  DO NOT use a sharpie or permanent marker or your labeling will be lost during processing and staining. 

For Frozen Sections 

  • Bring frozen specimen on DRY ICE to avoid any thawing issues.  

You will be contacted as soon as your tissue is ready to be picked up and will be outside of 10-509. Please sign out your samples when you pick them up. If you are picking up frozen sections, please bring dry ice to put them on.  

Note: If you do not bring a slide box, you will be charged for one upon picking it up. 

Histology Equipment