Epic Research

Epic is the electronic medical records system used at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. The Epic Research module allows clinicians and researchers to integrate clinical care and research to improve the patient experience, optimize patient care, and enhance operational research efficiency. Here you will find information on Epic Research, requesting Epic Research records, policies, and more. For additional information related to the Epic Research functionality, such as 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and Epic, click here.  

  • For questions related to access, troubleshooting, how to, or training contact the Lurie Children's Helpdesk (x7-3445) and ensure you include "research" in the ticket. 
  • Epic Research Thursday Emails

Following IRB approval and New Award Setup (for charge study types), study teams may request an Epic RSH record. For an overview and details visit the study start-up page.  

  • Checklist of Documents - needed for completion of the REDCap Epic RSH request form 
    • Cayuse IRB#/Study Code 
    • Current Lurie Children's IRB Approval/Acknowledgement/Closure Letter 
    • ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier (NCT#)
    • Grant or Gift ID number documentation from Workday is required for charge study types. Please provide one of the following: 
      • New Award Setup email from Workday or other documentation received from the Sponsored Research Finance Office 


      • Email approval from the Division Administrator for the use of an existing fund 
    • Requests are processed in 2-4 business days if complete, accurate documentation is submitted 

Epic Research ServiceNow Request 

  • A System Change Request (SCR) (previously CIS request) is required for study teams to request changes to existing Epic Research processes or request new features for upcoming studies. This document is intended as a guide for study teams to understand when a SCR request is required and how to complete the request for Epic Research. Be sure to include any required attachments in your request and list Research in the description field. Additional details are available on the Study Start-Up Page for when to submit the SCR request during the start-up phase of a research study. 
  • Submit a SCR request for any of the below Epic Research features: 
    • Orderset/Smart Set 
    • Billing Protocol 
    • MyChart Recruitment 
    • Best Practice Alert (BPA) for Study Recruitment 

The Epic Learning Home Dashboard for Research and Epic Training - Research Microsoft Stream page is where you will find all the most up to date training materials, tip sheets and digital content for Epic Research. Additional instructions and guidance are included here: *Please note for some of the content listed here, you will need to be on Lurie Children's VPN and/or have been granted Epic access. 

Process for granting outside authorized representatives (i.e., study monitors) access to medical records:  

Process for request access when EpicCare Link is not being utilized: 

Process for requesting inpatient, observation, outpatient surgery and anesthesia for research:

Process for placing research scans in Epic:

Placing Research Scans in Epic

For barcode labels, please visit the Forms and Barcode Labels for Scanning allconnect site. 

  • Labels available:
    • Research Consent
    • Research Central Lab
    • Research Confidential Central Lab Result 

Yes, new research staff should complete the following courses. It is recommended to open these in Microsoft Edge. 

  • Epic Basics for Research Coordinators– These e-learning modules and PDFs provide an introduction to using Epic for research coordinators. 
    • To review this class material click here.
  • Epic Research for Research Coordinators – This is a required class for research coordinators/nurses, research managers, and users with similar responsibilities. This class will cover how to manage your study, enroll research participants, signify that an encounter is research-related, queue orders for the principal investigator to sign, and complete research billing review. In addition, users will learn how to use recruiting tools for research in Epic, and release information to Study Monitors.
    • To sign up for this class, click here.

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) Research Recruitment Advisory Committee 

  • Provides study teams and PIs with research recruitment suggestions and guidance
  • Reviews and guides institutional IM/IT changes that impact research recruitment
  • Reviews, tracks, approves, and provides oversight on uses of existing EHR tools that support research
  • Facilitates and guides development of research EHR tools 
  • Recommends guidelines for appropriate research uses for EHR tools   

Please email toswald@luriechildrens.org with questions. 

Super users play a key role in the support and continued success in utilizing the Epic Research application efficiently and effectively.  

  • Super users serve as liaisons between the Epic Training Team, department leaders, investigators, and the end users.  
  • A super user is an expert who can educate colleagues on department related Epic Research enhancements and workflow changes, participate in testing of new workflows, and serve as a resource for new hires and staff.  

For details of becoming an Epic Research super user, email toswald@luriechildrens.org. 

Visit the Research Super Users Contact List to find an Epic Research super user in your area.

Research Billing Workflows 

Training materials and tip sheets for Epic research billing review are available in the Epic Learning Home Dashboard for Research. Additional workflows and details are available on the Epic Research Billing page.