SYSTEM OUTAGE: Lurie Children’s continues to respond to a cybersecurity matter. During this time, Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute continues to conduct research, including recruiting and accepting research participants, collecting data, conducting research procedures, and maintaining research operations. Questions about participation in research, or research in general, may be sent to

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Office of Research Development

The Office of Research Development provides guidance, education, communication and advancement opportunities to investigators and research staff throughout the research project lifecycle. Our Research Navigation team partners with investigators to identify priorities and connect them with relevant resources across the research enterprise. Working closely with our navigators, the Research Education team identifies emergent learning and development needs among research faculty and staff to deliver targeted education, training programs, and onboarding resources. The Research Advancement team supports successful extramural funding applications through internal grants, interdisciplinary seminars, and scientific peer review. The Research Communications team supports these initiatives by disseminating Manne Research Institute resources and amplifying impactful research milestones.

Research Navigation​ 
Guidance for investigators throughout the full research life cycle.​ 
Research Education 
​Global and targeted education for investigators, staff, and trainees.​ 

Research Advancement 
Internal funding opportunities, Scientific Peer Review, trainee programs, and seminars.​ 
Research Communications 
Internal and external communications, new Manne Research Institute website, and community engagement. 

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