Graduate and Postdoctoral Training

Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute is a dedicated to developing outstanding graduate and post-graduate scientists. Not only does training prepare them for individual success, but, under the guidance of our faculty members, the students and fellows contribute to breakthrough research and technologies that aid in the application of basic science discoveries to clinical practice.

Graduate Students

Our graduate students belong to the three graduate programs of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine:

Manne Research Institute offers an environment in which the students interact frequently, regardless of discipline. These collaborative efforts among laboratories encourage innovation.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows come to the research institute from world-renowned research universities. They play prominent roles in the laboratories, including designing their research plans, publishing in prestigious journals and mentoring students.

Clinical Fellows

Quality education is inseparable from our quality patient care. Lurie Children’s is the pediatric teaching hospital for the Feinberg School. As part of their training, clinical fellows are required to complete a research project during their tenure.The fellows select a faculty mentor and conduct a year-long investigation of a research topic of importance in their subspecialty.

Please see our internal funding opportunitites page for more information about available student awards.