Internal Funding Opportunities

Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute provides internal funding opportunities to its researchers. Various types of internal grant and award opportunities are available bi-annually, in the fall and spring. Funding opportunities may vary depending on the year and cycle.

Spring 2024 Cycle Details

  • Applications  are now open.
  • Applications close May 6, 2024.
    • Request for applications (RFAs) and application links are available in each specific funding opportunity accordion dropdown listed below. 
  • Applicant Resources

Current Internal Funding Opportunities 

These opportunities provide resources to a faculty member or other person who has PI-eligible status to develop projects that will lead to a highly competitive extramural application for sustained research support within 18 months of receiving the award.

This section includes information on available Spring 2024 funding opportunities along with links to detailed RFAs and applications. Send questions about eligibility or the application process to

The Division of Endocrinology is pleased to announce the application cycle for its annual Endocrine Pilot Project grants. We are excited to offer this opportunity for the first time in decades for our Endocrine faculty.   We are looking for collaborative project submissions that will provide preliminary data for future multi-disciplinary grant applications while advancing the world of clinical or translational endocrinology.  

The lead PI must be an Endocrinology faculty member or other member of the Endocrinology division who has PI-eligible status. Co-Is and collaborators may be outside of the division. 

Application requirements are detailed in the RFAs for each award type. 

Potential applicants are required to submit a letter of intent to the Division of Endocrinology prior to an application submission. 

  • Letter of Intent Deadline: April 19, 2024.*
    • *Please note: Letters of Intent should be brief and only need the topic and list of potential collaborators. 
    • Email letters of intent to 

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Please see the RFAs for detailed eligibility and application requirements. Review Criteria details for both award types can be found here.

  • Trainee Pilot Research Award: is a one-year funding opportunity for up to $5,000. The purpose of the award is to support mental health research projects for trainees in the Pritzker Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health. The award offers clinical and post-doctoral fellows support to conduct research under the supervision of an experienced mentor.
  • Early Career Faculty Pilot Research Award: is a one year funding opportunity for up to $20,000 to support early career investigators in conducting a research project under the guidance of an experienced faculty mentor. The goal of the award is to prepare early career investigators to pursue external research funding.  

Prior to submitting an application, interested applicants are required to notify the department 
of plans to apply via email to Caitlin Fehrenbacher and Andrea Spencer.

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The Interdisciplinary Colloquia Award is a one-year award for up to $5,000 to bring together multi-disciplinary investigators from Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and Northwestern University to share scientific knowledge and envision future research related to children’s health. Support may be justified for recurring group meetings with food, visiting faculty costs relevant to the group's area of interest and mission, and/or mini-symposium costs designed to bring together the working group and scientists in the area of focus. 

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The Kenneth C. Griffin Research Catalyst Award is a one-year award for up to $100,000 to support novel preclinical and translational research. This award supports early-career researchers to pursue translational discoveries, which will ultimately lead to significant, long-term grant funding from federal agencies and the private sector.

Priority Criteria for Award Selection: 

  • Investigators without significant pre-existing funding.
  • Investigators without evidence of long-standing research effort in direct line of the proposed area of study.
  • Well-articulated translational scientific potential. 
  • Distinction from other areas of funded investigation. 

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The Program Accelerator Award is a one-year award for up to $75,000 to support planning and development of program project-related applications expected to lead to a submission within 18-24 months of the start of funding. Support justification may include administrative and grant writing support, material support for preliminary data generation, and personnel support. 

Priority Criteria for Award Selection: 

  • Novel clinical, translational, and basic scientific synergy (Does not need to be a new line of scientific inquiry to the principal investigator or research team). 

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The Proposal Revision Award is a one-year award for up to $100,000 to support the preparation of a revision and resubmission of an application for federal research support. The prior extramural application must have received a priority score and full review by the sponsor within the past two years. Training grants (e.g., K08,  K23, TL2) and R03 submissions do not qualify for this award. 

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The Visionary Award is a one-year award for up to $75,000 to support potentially paradigm shifting research. This should be a visionary idea with a new, multi-institutional team supporting it. 

Priority Criteria for Award Selection: 

  • A new line of research for the investigators without significant pre-existing funding or evidence of long-standing research effort in direct line of the proposed area of study. 
  • Distinction from other areas of funded investigation. 
  • Clearly articulates the translational nature of the research area.

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The Schreiber Family Center for Early Childhood Health and Wellness is excited to announce our Generating Research on Outcomes of exposures and experiences from Womb to age 5 (GROW to 5) Planning Grant initiative. The Center will support up to three one-year grant awards, allowing for the collection of pilot data, that will increase the competitiveness of extramural proposals for K, R, P, and U-series awards. 

We encourage submission of grant planning and pilot data collection proposals in the following areas of research emphasis:

  • Providing evidence for effective strategies to break cycles of health and racial inequities or promote safe, stable, and nurturing relationships during early childhood.
  • Exploring how Positive Childhood Experiences modify the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences, stress (positive, tolerable, and toxic), and structural racism on the brain, biology, and behavior of parents and their children, from conception to age 5.
  • Investigating the physical, developmental, and behavioral health impacts of the exposome (including physical and social environments) in which children younger than 5 are conceived, grow, live, learn, and play.
  • Advancing evidence-based practices for promoting physical health, mental health, and wellbeing 
    in clinical and community settings among children before birth to age 5.
  • Establishing partnerships to engage families and communities in research that advance evidence-based practices that promote physical health, mental health, and wellbeing in clinical and community settings among children before birth to age 5.

Available Opportunities:

  • Flourish Award: up to $75,000 for a one-year project period to develop a multi-project research program or cooperative agreement proposal.
  • Thrive Award: up to $50,000 for a one-year project period to collect pilot data for an R-series proposal.
  • Nourish Award: up to $50,000 for a one-year project to support the advancement of junior faculty pursuing mentored career development awards (K or equivalent)
  • Cultivate Award: up to $25,000 for a one-year project period to engage family or community members to establish or enhance research partnerships. 

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The Scientific Advocacy Award provides up to $1,000 per year to advocate for children's health research at the regional and national level and raise the stature of Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago investigators in scientific advocacy. 

Priority Criteria for Award Selection: 

  • Evidence that the proposed role and engagement by the awardee will have influence on children's health research.
  • National level advocacy.
  • A sustained advocacy plan. 

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Through the ongoing generosity of the Children's Research Fund, one Mary J.C. Hendrix Outstanding Graduate Student award will be made each year to a Manne Reesearch Institute graduate student for their high level of scholastic achievement, research engagement, and productivity. Scholars will receive $5,000 in support of their research including lab reagents, computers, and attendance at scientific conferences. Funds are awareded on a competitive basis, considering scholastic achievement, research productivity, innovative research ideas, and extramural funding. 

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Applicant Resources

Researchers interested in applying to any of the internal funding opportunities have many resources available to them listed below. Email with questions or for support. 

Manne Research Institute strongly encourages applicants to leverage the following resources for proposal design and budgeting: