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Scientific Peer Review

Attaining the goal of advancing our national and international reputation as a premier children’s hospital will require a robust and mixed portfolio of individual and multi-investigator federal grants. As one step to meet this goal, Lurie Children’s and Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute have implemented a mandatory Scientific Peer Review (SPR) process for all prime Federal grant submissions.

All proposals meeting the criteria above must have completed the SPR process before they can be submitted to the funding agency.

To start the SPR process, the scientific peer review request form must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the grant deadline.

SPR request form‚Äč 

Note: Lurie Children's credentials are needed in order to access this form. The PI’s Lurie Children’s email is required for all communications under the Scientific Peer Review process.

Six weeks before the due date, a penultimate version of the grant submission must be submitted for review.

Reviewer comments will be returned to the PI two weeks before the due date so that they can be incorporated into the submission. The goal is to provide helpful feedback to the PI so that the grant submission has the best possible chance of success.

When is my SPR Request Due?

Contact: Scientific Peer Review Administrator at


Specific Aims-Only Review (Optional Review Process)

The goal of the Specific Aims-Only process is intended to provide investigators with feedback on a set of specific aims that could form the basis for a future grant application. Reviews are provided by the PEERS panel members and sent back to the investigator within 2 weeks from the time of form submission. This process is available throughout the year and is not connected to any federal funding deadlines. 

Specific Aims-Only Request form 

Investigators submitting to this process should anticipate to receive feedback on the following criteria: 

  1. Clarity of the presentation and writing style
  2. Scientific premise underlying the proposed hypothesis is clear and compelling 
  3. Synergy among the spearate aims
  4. Innovation (does not apply for mentored career development awards)
  5. Methodological approaches
  6. Training goals (for mentored career development awards only)
  7. Final summary paragraph/impact