Research Education

The Research Education Program at Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago provides education and training opportunities for the entire research community (research professionals and investigators). Our Research Education team works in tandem with Research Administration and Support Services as well as the peer-led research committees to identify and develop resources and content.  


Research Orientation for research professionals provides an overview of Manne Research Institute resources and contacts, and assigns and provides supplemental trainings and additional overviews held outside of research education.  

Research Orientation for faculty provides a broad overview of Manne Research Institute and in-depth review of the Office of Research Development to ensure faculty who are engaged in research are familiar with the resources to conduct their research.  

Research Education at Lurie Children’s (REAL) Trainings

Trainings are led by the research education team and cover topics surrounding research conduct and compliance. To register for REAL Training events and access educational materials (slides and recordings), click the Workday link and search ‘REAL Trainings’. To view previously recorded trainings, please click here

Investigator Training

The purpose of the Investigator training program is to provide accessible and ongoing education for new and early-career investigators. The training program focuses on the responsibilities of the investigator in conducting human subjects research and investigator oversight of various types of clinical and social/behavioral research studies. The program may also serve as a refresher training for investigators of any experience level.  Specifically, the program intends to: 

  • Provide practical insight on how to effectively oversee the management and integrity of research conducted in the four pillars. 
  • Assist with understanding the regulatory requirements, institutional policies, and best practices for different types of research projects. 
  • Assist with identifying key resources and contacts for research at Manne Research Institute. 

Educational Sessions

Educational sessions are led by the research education team and focus on topics impacting the Basic and Preclinical Science pillar. These sessions aim to help research teams explore available Manne Research Institute resources and support services, learn about new and common laboratory techniques, and create a sense of community. The sessions offer a unique learning opportunity for scientists of all levels working at the bench. To view previously recorded sessions, please click here.

Targeted Education 

Our office can assist, provide coaching and guidance, and connect the research community with research-related needs. Email questions or request a session with one of our team members at

Research Professional Committees and Certifications

There are two committees that make up the peer leadership for Research Professionals at Lurie Children's. These are the Steering Committee and the Education and Mentoring Committee.  Both play valuable roles in the governance of Research Professionals at Manne Research Institute.