Investigator Training

The purpose of the Investigator training program is to provide accessible and ongoing education for new and early-career Principal Investigators. The training program focuses on the responsibilities of the investigator in conducting human subjects research (HSR) and investigator oversight of various types of clinical and social/behavioral research studies. The program may also serve as refresher training for investigators of any experience level.  Specifically, the program intends to:

  • Provide practical insight on how to effectively oversee the management and integrity of HSR. 
  • Assist with understanding the regulatory requirements and how they protect the rights of welfare of participants in research.  
  • Assist with identifying key resources and contacts for research at Lurie Children’s.  

Training Materials

The curriculum is made up of course packages that span the lifecycle of a research study:  

Each course package consists of a group of “core” modules that are designed to provide the foundational knowledge for that segment of the study lifecycle. As we continue into 2023, additional course packages will be made available. We will alert the community when new course packages are made available and add them to our page.

Please Note: These modules are not required training for Lurie Children's Investigators, nor will completion count toward any GCP/HSR training. Modules can be completed on your own time and will always be available on this page for reference. 

Research protocol templates