Research Professional Orientation

Employees who are new to research at Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute will participate in this orientation that serves as an introduction to the information necessary to be successful as a Research Professional. 

To help streamline the research onboarding process for new research professionals, the Research Education team has created an in-take form. This in-take form will allow you as the overseeing manager to assign the RP orientation date (must be completed within 90 days of start date), and any additional trainings (Epic class, Cayuse Overview, CRU, Research Lab, and more) needed so that you have a complete schedule for your new hire in advance.   

For CPR/AED and BLS Training: If you are asked to complete cardiopulmonary resusicatation/automated external defibilitator (CPR/AED) training or basic life support training or if it is required as part of your job description, email the Resuscitation Education team for the class schedule, course requirements, and registration information. 

For Safe Shipping of Biological Materials and Dry Ice Training (formerly known as IATA Training): Refer to our tip sheet on signing up for courses through Northwestern University. 

DOP Faculty Orientation 

Faculty who are new to Lurie Children’s Department of Pediatrics are invited to participate in new faculty orientation. During this orientation, The Office of Research Development (ORD) holds a 45-minute session detailing Manne Research Institute.  

At the beginning of the Manne Research Institute overview, an ORD research scientist navigator will collect contact information on new faculty members who are currently conducting research, transitioning research, or note that they are interested in conducting research in the future at Manne Research Institute. 90 days post new faculty orientation, the Research Navigation team will reach out to faculty and ask to schedule an initial one on one consultation to discuss any research goals or needs.