Research Navigation

The Research Navigation team partners with Manne Research Institute research faculty to identify priorities, guide faculty through institutional research processes, and direct them to relevant resources across the research enterprise.   

Our Navigation Team

As a part of the Office of Research Development (ORD), the Research Scientist Navigators are an integral part of Manne Research Institute. The navigators share information with stakeholders across research administration to provide research faculty with the most up-to-date information available regarding resources across the research pillars. We currently have navigators for the basic and preclinical science pillar, the community, population health, and outcomes pillar, and clinical and community trials pillar.

Request Navigation Support 

Research faculty and staff are encouraged to use the Research Navigation Request form when looking for help with any of the following:

  • Finding research resources
  • Questions about a research project or administration process
  • Study startup/transfer
  • Requesting an ORD overview/roadshow 
  • Other topics as needed. Navigation is a great first stop. 

Research Navigation Request Form

Engaging with Research Navigation

The primary function of the navigators is to be the first point of contact for all research support needs across all Manne Research Institute faculty. The navigators provide guidance to investigators throughout the full research life cycle, especially on Research Administration and other resources that are available to research faculty and staff through the Manne Research Institute and our partnership with Northwestern.

There are three pathways by which faculty interact with their navigators: new faculty are welcomed by their navigator as part of the orientation process, faculty bring specific issues to the ORD or their navigator for assistance, or through strategic navigator outreach. Ahead of faculty meetings, the navigators create and review faculty dossiers that include information about current and past research, funding, and known issues.

Research Career Studios 

The Navigation team is currently piloting a new opportunity called Research Career Studios. The purpose of the Research Career Studios is to offer early career research faculty an in depth view of administrative processes and resources available to them through Manne Research Institute. Each session is one hour long and offered with the option to attend virtually or in-person. An administrative field expert will lead sessions moderated by the Navigation team. Recent session topics and slides are provided below. 


Contact us through our Research Navigation Request form or at

Individual Research Scientist Navigator contact information can also be found in the Research Administration Staffing Directory.