Research Support Services

Research Support Services Requiring Letter of Support

Many research studies require engagement from areas outside of their department or division in order to successfully conduct the study, whether that be space, lab processing, or recruitment from other areas or populations. Engaging with these services will often require a letter of support or notification in order to obtain services that are needed to conduct the study. This page provides information on service type, letter of support processes, and contact information.  For policies and information specifically for Industry partners and affiliates click here.  

Anesthesiology review is required for studies that include:  

  • Patients undergoing research-related procedures under the supervision of anesthesia services or staff.
  • Patients require general anesthesia, local/regional anesthesia, sedation, and/or monitoring.  

Please note: Requests for cardiac anesthesia services should contact 

  • Letter of Support process: To request a LOS, complete the Anesthesia Services LOS Request Form. Requests include a copy of the protocol to be uploaded with pertinent procedure/anesthesia information highlighted. 
  • Contact:  John Hajduk once you have received IRB approval, send a copy of the IRB approval letter and grant ID to John Hajduk to activate the study. 

Cardiopulmonary provides support for studies that involve cardiology or pulmonary testing for research purposes as a part of the study protocol.  

For all questions or issues, email  

The Clinical Resaerch Unit (CRU) provides study teams with the specific clinical services required for their projects. CRU provides letters of support for the use of CRU space and/or CRU personnel (nursing support) for research study visits. 

Data Analytics and Reporting (DAR) is committed to improving Lurie Children's decision making and operational efficiency/excellence by providing state-of-the-art information and analysis through data warehousing, report writing, business intelligence, and expert consultation. Main activities on supporting research includes: 

  • Data development, management, warehousing, and aggregation
  • Secure and accessible delivery of reporting and analytic product
  • Enterprise-wide data governance
  • Report writing, statistical analysis, and comparative methods

In addition, DAR provides integrated, authoritative, timely, and accurate information to serve the operational, research, strategic, educational, clinical, and advocacy needs of the enterprise. 

DAR has office hours held virtually or you can reach out to a project management team member:  

For more information, refer to the DAR SharePoint site 

Emergency Department (ED) review is required for studies that include direct recruitment from the ED, indirect recruitment from the ED (i.e., EPIC pages or EPIC in basket notifications), and/or utilize services or staff for research purposes. 

  • Letter of Support process: Complete the Letter of Support application by following this link. 
  • Contact: Todd Florin, MD or Jillian Benedetti 
  • Tips to activate services: provide a copy of the IRB approval letter, grant ID, and anticipated start date to contacts above.*  

*Please note: The Emergency Department requires four weeks’ notice prior to the start of study activities that will take place within ED. The Emergency Department should not be written into grant or project proposals without consulting the above contacts. 

Infection Prevention and Control review is required for studies that utilize equipment or instrumentation (provided or purchased) that will be used on more than one patient including items that requires sterilization/disinfection before first time use, and/or involve the administration of a microorganism or a product that contains one or more microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, fungi, or virus, even if attenuated/non-replicable) to a participant.  

IDS Pharmacy provides support for studies that involve preparation, storage or dispensing of investigational medications, devices, or biologics.  

    • Set up Site Initiation Visit (SIV) with sponsor. If no sponsor, set up meeting/phone call with CRP and IDS pharmacy. 
    • Provide fund number, most up-to-date protocol, Investigational Brochure (IB), and pharmacy manual to IDS pharmacy. 
    • Inform IDS pharmacy of approximate start date of study. 
    • Inform IDS pharmacy of patients and appointments dates and times (as soon as appointments are made). 

MIRO provides support for studies that include imagining (x-rays, US, MRI, CT scans, etc.) as a part of the study protocol.  

Refer to MIRO SharePoint Site for additional information and resources

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Perinatal Origins of Disease (POD) review is required for studies that directly recruit from the Lurie Children’s, Prentice Women’s Hospital NICU, and/or NICU-Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program Early Childhood Clinic, conduct research with NICU inpatient babies or families, utilize NICU services or staff for research purposes, and/or clinical research projects interested in utilizing the collaborative infrastructure of the POD research initiative. 

Ophthalmology review is required for studies that include eye exams and ophthalmologic services for research purposes.  

  • Letter of Support process: Complete the Letter of Support Application form. For any questions, please refer to the Opthalmology LOS guidelines. 
  • Contact: Hanta Ralay-Ranaivo 
  • Tips to activate services: Provide a copy of the IRB approval letter and fund number to Hanta Ralay-Ranaivo. 

Research Lab provides support for studies that require the handle, process, and shipment of samples to external entities, test any specimens, and/or request and utilize samples from Pathology as a part of the study protocol.  

Letter of Support process: Complete the "Letter of Support Questionnaire” that can be found on the Research Laboratory SharePoint page 


Refer to Research Laboratory SharePoint Site for additional information and resources (CLIA/CAP Certificates). 


NRC review is required for studies that:  

  • focus primarily on the nursing profession or nursing care,  
  • include nurses as the study population and/or
  • nurses are listed as a principal investigator or sub-investigator on the study.  

If a study includes any of the above, start the review submission process via Project Tracker on Microsoft Teams.


Radiation Safety review is required for studies that involve the use of ionizing radiation on a human subject that would not have been received otherwise. This includes any non-standard-of-care (SOC) ionizing radiation exposures due to study participation, cases where the study dictates an imaging protocol resulting in higher radiation exposure than when the exam is performed clinically and any SOC exams or procedures that are performed at an increased frequency due to study participation. 

Examples of use of ionizing radiation include: 

  • Radiography (x-ray) 
  • DXA 
  • Fluoroscopy (to include IR and cardiac cath procedures) 
  • CT 
  • Nuclear Medicine and PET imaging 
  • Radiopharmaceutical therapy 
  • Radiation Therapy (e.g. external beam radiation)