Research Technologies and Platforms

Below is a list of current Manne Research Institute supported technologies and platforms that researchers and study staff have access to. Please note, any technology/software that has not been approved by Lurie Children's requires a contract prior to use. Please refer to our contracts resource for researchers to learn more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a HIPAA compliant platform that replaced Skype for Business. This application allows for easy team communication and  collaboration. It also has video conferencing capabilities that can be used for conducting remote study procedures.

Lurie Children's Zoom

Lurie Children's Zoom is a HIPAA compliant platform to conduct meetings and video conferencing that can be used for conducting remote study procedures when Microsoft Teams is not an option.  

  • Approval: Please note, Lurie Children’s has a limited number of accounts available so justification will need to be included in the request for why Microsoft Teams is not an option.  
  • Obtaining Access: To request a Lurie Children's Zoom account and/or request recording option, please complete this form. 

Please reference the Video Conference Research for additional information.


Avaya/EC500 is the application replacing Skype Dialer to call research participants from your cell phone and have your Lurie Children’s phone number presented to the recipient of the call. 

  • Approval: Manager/DA request 
  • Obtaining Access: Complete a Service Now Ticket. Include the following in your request: Name, existing desk extension or indicate new one is needed, and cell phone that will use this extension. 

MyStudies App  

MyStudies App is a free platform to obtain informed consent securely from patients for eligible clinical trials when face-to-face contact is not possible or practical due to COVID-19 control measures. This app applies to sponsor-investigators and/or sponsors conducting an investigational drug and/or biologic. Here is the link to the website for more information: COVID My Studies App Info 

  • Approval: N/A 

Cayuse (Human Ethics/SP/424) 

Cayuse Human Ethics is the web-based electronic submission system for all human subjects’ research protocols and projects and Lurie Children’s. Cayuse Human Ethics may be accessed from any device with internet access with the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Chrome is preferred.  

Cayuse 424 is the platform for completion and submission of federal grant proposals, delivered over a secure web connection.  

Cayuse SP is a sponsored project (SP) lifecycle management solution that provides access to an investigator’s entire research portfolio.  

Tango Gift Cards: 

Tango is an e-gift card solutions vendor that can be used for study participant compensation. The participant will be sent a link to redeem a gift card online. For studies to be eligible for Tango e-gift cards, the study must have an active fund or cost center number and IRB approval. All users must use a Lurie Children’s email address to gain access to tango.  

  • Approval: Manager  
  • Obtaining Access: To request access and/or add funding to a study in Tango, please complete this form 


Sunquest gateway is the system used to store laboratory test results for research prior to Epic Research implementation (10/1/2018). In addition, laboratory test results for research, in which no order is placed in Epic are also stored here.  

  • Approval: Manager and or Division Administrator  
  • Obtaining Access: Submit a helpdesk service catalog ticket  


ImageNow is the system to track and store laboratory requisition forms that accompany research samples processed in the research laboratory.  

  • Approval: Manager and/or Division Administrator 
  • Obtaining Access: Submit a helpdesk service catalog ticket. Be sure to note that read/print access is needed for research lab folder.  

Hyland OnBase:

This is the system used to track and store laboratory requisition forms that accompany research samples processed in the research laboratory.  

  • Approval: Manager and/or Division Administrator  
  • Obtaining Access: Submit a helpdesk ticket. Within the request, please note you need read/print access for research lab folder. Instructions here on: Retrieving and Indexing 

Optifreight Logistics: 

This system creates FedEx airbills to send packages.  


REDCap is a secure application for collecting, storing, and analyzing research data. 

Lurie Children’s REDCap 
Northwestern University's REDCap