SYSTEM OUTAGE: Lurie Children’s continues to respond to a cybersecurity matter. During this time, Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute continues to conduct research, including recruiting and accepting research participants, collecting data, conducting research procedures, and maintaining research operations. Questions about participation in research, or research in general, may be sent to

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Single IRB and IRB Reliance Agreements

Under OHRP and FDA regulations, an IRB has the option to rely on the review of another IRB. To do this, the institutions enter into an agreement referred to as an IRB Authorization Agreement or an IRB Reliance Agreement. These agreements are executed between a Reviewing IRB and one or more Relying IRBs and outline the roles and responsibilities of the involved institutions. Agreements can be executed for multiple studies or a single study, depending on the circumstances. 

Learn More about IRB Reliance 

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the single IRB process at Lurie Children's. 


Lurie Children's as IRB of Record 

Instructions for requesting that Lurie Children's be designated as the IRB of record. 


External IRB of Record 

Instructions for requesting that an external organization be designated as the IRB of record. 


Lurie Children's and Northwestern University IRB Authorization Agreement  

Information about the agreement between Lurie Children’s and Northwestern University, and how to submit studies under this existing agreement.