SYSTEM OUTAGE: Lurie Children’s continues to respond to a cybersecurity matter. During this time, Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute continues to conduct research, including recruiting and accepting research participants, collecting data, conducting research procedures, and maintaining research operations. Questions about participation in research, or research in general, may be sent to

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The NU IACUC does not use Cayuse IACUC to review animal protocols; each investigator has been sent Microsoft Word versions of their approved studies. Until those studies require a de novo review, any amendments to these studies may be used by modifying these Word applications. Please note that per NU IACUC Policies and Procedures, annual reviews must only be completed for animals regulated by the USDA (annual renewals for rodents and zebrafish will no longer be required). All new studies will need to be submitted through their electronic submission and review system. 

All questions should be directed to the NU IACUC Office, including Mandy Kozlowski, the IACUC Office Director. You may also use the following link for the NU IACUC website: Please note that this link does require a NU NetID; if you do not have a NetID, please go to the following website to obtain a NetID:​.