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Office of Sponsored Programs

Please review the Roles and Responsibilities Matrix for sponsored awards and industry sponsored clinical trials for a high-level overview of how and when to engage with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) as well as investigator and departmental responsibilities. 


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Subaward Tracker 

If you are an investigator working with OSP on a subaward, please reference the subaward tracker for the most up-to-date status of the agreement. Click here to view. The tracker is updated on a weekly basis. 

Key Definitions

Negotiation: This refers to the process between Lurie Children's and the sub site to request or respond to changes on the subaward document. Status will indicate which party it is currently with.  

On Hold: Subawards are placed into the "on hold" status for these reasons:

  1. Notice of Award (NOA) Not Received: The proposal staff has alerted the subteam that an NOA is required to begin working on the master agreement template pending sponsor award. Nothing can be sent out at this time. 
  2. NOA Received–Pending Intake: Lurie Children's has received the sponsor NOA and the sub team is working with the PI/division to gather the documentation required to begin issuing subawards. Generally, this means reconciling a reduced award. 
  3. Incomplete Intake: While some documentation has been submitted, items required to draft the subaward are still being developed (e.g., sub site scope of work (SOW), budget, or budget justification). Generally, this means waiting for the sub site to approve a budget, returning a 3B form with contact information, or providing an SOW.
  4. Client Requested Hold: This is typically requested by a PI, and could represent negotiations with a subsite due to budget cuts or other similiar actions. 

Completed: Both parties have signed the agreement, copies have been returned to the subsite, and the document has been handed off to SRFO for setup in Workday. 

Send clarification questions or other inquries regarding subwards to Please reference the ID number from the first column of the tracker. 

Contact Information

Diana Favela, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 312.503.7117

For a full listing of OSP Staff, visit our Research Administration Staff Directory.