Industry Sponsored Studies

Resources related to industry-sponsored clinical trials research.

Cayuse SP Electronic Proposal Routing 

  • Use Cayuse SP to route industry-sponsored clinical trials research proposals. 
  • IRB approval is routed separately using Cayuse IRB


Register Your Trial with 

  • All investigators/sponsors are required to register applicable clinical trials on the national public registry,, an electronically searchable website that is accessible to the public and maintained by the National Library of Medicine.
  • Please contact our PRS administrators Eric Gasber and Carol MacPherson with any questions.
  • Resources: FAQs

How to Budget for Clinical Trials 

  • Presentation by Kris Martens-Ackeret explaining how to prepare clinical trials budgets. 

How to Manage Clinical Trials Awards

  • Presentation by Kris Martens-Ackeret explaining how to manage clinical trial study costs, including invoicing and participant enrollment. 

Budget Template

  • A useful, customizable template to begin drafting your clinical trial budget. 

Invoicing and Payments

In order to ensure that incoming payments get deposited in a timely manner into the appropriate funds please: 

  • Include the fund number and PI name on all invoices you send out to your sponsors. 
  • Ask sponsors to include that information on all checks submitted to our office, along with a copy of your invoice. 
  • Send a copy of invoices you submit to the sponsor to Ruben Galvez

Fixed Price Fund Transfer Request Form 

  • Used to transfer per patient reimbursement charges from one fund account to another. 

Institutional Review Board