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Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedure guides have been established for the acquisition and management of sponsored programs at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute. 

  1. New: Proposal Review & Submission Policy April 2022 
  2. Principal Investigator Eligibility 
  3. Pre-Award Spending Policy 
  4. Direct Cost Charging Policy 
  5. Cost Transfer Policy 
  6. No-Cost Extentions Policy 
  7. Purchase of Personal Computers and Electronic Devices on Sponsored Programs 
  8. Indirect Cost Policy 
  9. Cost Sharing Policy 
  10. Cost Sharing Procedure Guide 

Sponsored Programs Award Management Guidance  

Please note that in addition to the policies reference above, Sponsored Program Management Guidance documents are referenced separately on the OSP and Sponsored Research Finance sections of the Manne Research Institute website. These guidance documents provide additional important processes and procedures for effective grant and contract award management, and are effective June 1, 2017. Both the policy and guidance documents should be referenced in relation to grant applications, contract acquisition, and grant and contract award management.