Research Business Operations

Research Business Operations serves as centralized support for pre and post award financial management of grants and contracts at Manne Research Institute. 

Please review the Roles & Responsibilities Matrix for sponsored awards and industry sponsored clinical trials for a high-level overview of how and when to engage with each of these Research Business Operations teams as well as investigator and departmental responsibilities. 

Research Support

  • Basic and Preclinical Science Pillar support by neighborhood
  • Pre-award support for departments and divisions

Office of Sponsored Programs 

  • Industry Sponsored Studies 
  • Sponsored Awards Administration 

Sponsored Research Finance Office

  • Research Financial Portfolio Support 
  • Post Award Financial Support, including invoicing, payments, reporting, and institutional compliance 

Research Financial Operations 

  • Institutional budget and financial planning support 

Please visit the Research Administration Staff Directory for a full Research Business Operations staff listing.

Visit these additional sites for more detailed information as needed.

Manne Research Institute Voucher Program

The Manne Research Institute has partnered with several internal and external research service providers to provide cost-effective support to all investigators, particularly junior investigators who may not have well established funding sources. In support of our research programs, Manne Research Institute will offer faculty the opportunity to apply for vouchers for these certain research services through a Manne Research Institute Voucher Program. Please note: the research services available via the voucher program will be those services internally available within the Manne Research Institute or internally coordinated with any external research services as needed.