Employee Compensation Compliance

  • Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute recognize the importance of providing good stewardship in managing extramural funds. The medical center’s stewardship responsibilities include complying with federal requirements to certify faculty and staff compensation on federally sponsored projects.

To meet the requirements of eCFR Appendix IX to Part 75, Title 45—Principles for Determining Costs Applicable to Research and Development Under Grants and Contracts with Hospitals, payroll must be certified for all individuals who expend committed effort on federally sponsored projects or are paid from a federally sponsored project. Payroll certification provides documentation that award salary charges are appropriate for the work performed. 

Lurie Children’s payroll data is centralized in Workday allowing for real-time views and reports of salary expenses to sponsored awards. Lurie Children’s has implemented Huron Consulting Group’s Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) system to meet the federal certification requirements. This ECC system is designed to capture Workday payroll data and provide on-line statements for routing and certification. Below is a description of the ECC process and related resources.

ECC Project-Based Payroll Certification 

ECC will send an email link to responsible individuals to access and review project statements and certify effort. A project statement is generated for each Workday award that has salary charged for the period being certified. 

ECC Portal

For project-based payroll certification, the Principal Investigator is responsible for certifying project payroll.

Good Practices to be Prepared for Quarter Certification

  • Grant Managers are asked to keep all payroll costing allocations current and process payroll accounting adjustments in a timely manner.
  • PIs should inform Grant Managers of staffing updates or needed changes to charges on their grants in a timely manner.
  • PIs and Grant Managers should refer to the reports in “LCH FIN Payroll Expenses by Grant (Org)” to view payroll expenses by worker and pay period for the grant(s).
  • PIs and Grant Managers should refer to the reports in “LCH FIN Costing Allocations Past Award Line End Date” to view payroll costing allocations that need to be updated so that payroll continues to charge to the correct grant(s).

Future Certification Period Timeline

Fiscal Quarter 2023 Pay Period Start Date Pay Period End Date Pre-Review Period PI Certification Period
Quarter 1 8/28/2022 12/3/2022 March 8 - March 24 April 10 - April 21
Quarter 2 12/4/2022 2/25/2023 May 1 - May 12 May 30 - June 12
Quarter 3 2/26/2023 6/3/2023 June 20 - July 3 July 24 - August 4
Quarter 4 6/4/2023 8/26/2023 September 4 - September 15 October 2 - October 13

Office Hours

Drop-in office hours will be available with Julia Zhu and Virginia Lu every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Direct calendar links for office hours are located on the Research Resource Hub. Click here for all portfolio manager office hours.


With the move to project-based payroll certification in ECC, this webpage will be updated frequently over the next few months.  

ECC System Resources

Workday Payroll Costing Allocation/Payroll Accounting Adjustment Processes Resources 

Have new payroll accounting adjustment and payroll questions? Come to the PCA Office Hours held every Tuesday from 4-5pm. 


Email questions to ECC Payroll Certification.