SYSTEM OUTAGE: Lurie Children’s continues to respond to a cybersecurity matter. During this time, Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute continues to conduct research, including recruiting and accepting research participants, collecting data, conducting research procedures, and maintaining research operations. Questions about participation in research, or research in general, may be sent to

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Participant Payment

The Sponsored Research Finance Office (SRFO) serves as centralized support for post award financial management of grants and contracts including study payments to participants at Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute. 

Please review the Roles and Responsibilities Matrix for sponsored awards and industry sponsored clinical trials for a high-level overview of how and when to engage with the Sponsored Research Finance Office as well as investigator and departmental responsibilities.  

Please visit the Research Administration Staff Directory for the SRFO staff listing. 

To request study payments incentives: submit an email to Study Payments

Refer to Section D of the IRB policies and procedures manual for the policy on study payments. 

Forms to be used for study payments 

Tango Gift Card Approvals: 

Studies having an IRB approval letter or an IRB exemption letter would be approved for Tango Electronic Gift Card requests regardless of their funding mechanism.

Parking Voucher Information: 

Parking vouchers are available for the Huron/Superior and/or Erie/Ontario garages. To request parking vouchers, please complete the Lurie Children's Internal Complimentary Parking Request Form.

Tips for study teams when requesting parking vouchers:

  • Please allow a 48-hour turnaround
  • Parking vouchers may be picked up at the Huron/Superior garage between 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Monday-Friday