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Zebrafish knockout of Down syndrome gene, DYRK1A , shows social impairments relevant to autism

Oc-Hee Kim, Hyun-Ju Cho, Enna Han, Ted Inpyo Hong, Krishan Ariyasiri, Jung-Hwa Choi, Kyu-Seok Hwang, Yun-Mi Jeong, Se-Yeol Yang, Kweon Yu, Doo-Sang Park, Hyun-Woo Oh, Erica E Davis, Charles E Schwartz, Jeong-Soo Lee, Hyung-Goo Kim, Cheol-Hee Kim


Youth Targeting By Tobacco Manufacturers Since The Master Settlement Agreement

Paul J Chung, Craig F Garfield, Paul J Rathouz, Diane S Lauderdale, Dana Best, John Lantos


Z-Type Pattern Pectus Excavatum/Carinatum in A Case of Noonan Syndrome

Maria Grazia Sacco-Casamassima, Seth D Goldstein, Margaret Birdsong, Kimberly H McIltrot, Fizan Abdullah, Paul M Colombani


Youth Athlete Development Models: A Narrative Review.

Mathew Varghese, Sonia Ruparell, Cynthia LaBella


Zika Virus: A Review for Pediatricians.

Taylor Heald-Sargent, William Muller


Xenotransplantation of pediatric low grade gliomas confirms the enrichment of BRAF V600E mutation and preservation of CDKN2A deletion in a novel orthotopic xenograft mouse model of progressive pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma

Mari Kogiso, Lin Qi, Holly Lindsay, Yulun Huang, Xiumei Zhao, Zhigang Liu, Frank K Braun, Yuchen Du, Huiyuan Zhang, Goeun Bae, Sibo Zhao, Sarah G Injac, Mary Sobieski, David Brunell, Vidya Mehta, Diep Tran, Jeffrey Murray, Patricia A Baxter, Xiao-Jun Yuan, Jack M Su, Adekunle Adesina, Laszlo Perlaky, Murali Chintagumpala, D Williams Parsons, Ching C Lau, Clifford C Stephan, Xinyan Lu, Xiao-Nan Li


Yes-associated Protein Inhibits Transcription of Myocardin and Attenuates Differentiation of Vascular Smooth Muscle cell from Cardiovascular Progenitor Cell Lineage

Lunchang Wang, Ping Qiu, Jiao Jiao, Hiroyuki Hirai, Wei Xiong, Jifeng Zhang, Tianqing Zhu, Peter X Ma, Y Eugene Chen, Bo Yang


Young Transgender Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Latent Class Analysis of Protective Processes.

Rachel C Garthe, Marco A Hidalgo, Jacob Goffnett, Jane Hereth, Robert Garofalo, Sari L Reisner, Matthew J Mimiaga, Lisa M Kuhns