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X-linked Congenital Stationary Night Blindness: Review and Report of a Family With Hyperopia

G Khouri, M B Mets, V C Smith, M Wendell, A S Pass


WT1 regulates angiogenesis in Ewing Sarcoma

Varalakshmi Katuri, Stephanie Gerber, Xiaofei Qiu, Gregory McCarty, Seth D Goldstein, Hans Hammers, Elizabeth Montgomery, Allen R Chen, David M Loeb


Worsening Rural-Urban Gap in Hospital Mortality

Nicole Villapiano, Theodore J Iwashyna, Matthew M Davis


Work2Prevent, an Employment Intervention Program as HIV Prevention for Young Men Who Have Sex With Men and Transgender Youth of Color (Phase 3): Protocol for a Single-Arm Community-Based Trial to Assess Feasibility and Acceptability in a Real-World Setting.

Brandon J Hill, Darnell N Motley, Kris Rosentel, Alicia VandeVusse, Robert Garofalo, Lisa M Kuhns, Michele D Kipke, Sari Reisner, Betty Rupp, Rachel West Goolsby, Micah McCumber, Laura Renshaw, John A Schneider


Women with cerebral palsy: A qualitative study about their experiences with sexual and reproductive health education and services

Susan Hayden Gray, Rachel Byrne, Sinead Christensen, David Williams, Molly Wylie, Eileen Fowler, Deborah Gaebler-Spira, Christina Marciniak, Laurie Glader


Working on Womanhood (WOW): A participatory formative evaluation of a community-developed intervention

Rebecca E Ford-Paz, Laurel Crown, Kathryn Lawton, Hayley Goldenthal, Gail Day, Claire A Coyne, Tara Gill, Ngozi Harris, Sheree Blakemore, Colleen Cicchetti


Women’s Coverage, Utilization, Affordability, And Health After The ACA: A Review Of The Literature

Lois K Lee, Alyna Chien, Amanda Stewart, Larissa Truschel, Jennifer Hoffmann, Elyse Portillo, Lydia E Pace, Mark Clapp, Alison A Galbraith


Women's lifelong exposure to neighborhood poverty and low birth weight: a population-based study.

James W Collins, Jennifer Wambach, Richard J David, Kristin M Rankin


Working with symptoms of a respiratory infection: staff who care for high-risk individuals.

Sherri LaVela, Barry Goldstein, Bridget Smith, Frances M Weaver


Witnessed and unwitnessed esophageal foreign bodies in children.

Jeffrey P Louie, Elizabeth R Alpern, Randy M Windreich