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An Evaluation of Neurocognitive Status and Markers of Immune Activation as Predictors of Time to Death in Advanced HIV Infection

Jeffrey J Sevigny, Steven M Albert, Michael P McDermott, Giovanni Schifitto, Justin C McArthur, Ned Sacktor, Katherine Conant, Ola A Selnes, Yaakov Stern, Daniel R McClernon, Donna Palumbo, Karl Kieburtz, Garrett Riggs, Bruce Cohen, Karen Marder, Leon G Epstein


Adult Fat Intake Associated with the Presence of Children in Households: Findings from NHANES III

Helena H Laroche, Timothy P Hofer, Matthew M Davis


Acute respiratory tract infection visits of veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders: rates, trends, and risk factors.

Bridget M Smith, Charlesnika T Evans, Jibby E Kurichi, Frances M Weaver, Nayna Patel, Stephen P Burns


Optimal management strategies for rhabdomyosarcoma in children.

David Walterhouse, Andrea Watson


Interventions to increase influenza vaccination rates in veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

Frances M Weaver, Bridget Smith, Sherri LaVela, Carolyn Wallace, Charlesnika T Evans, Margaret Hammond, Barry Goldstein


Impact of clinical and histologic correlates of maternal and fetal inflammatory response on gestational age in preterm births.

Munish Gupta, Karen K Mestan, Camilia R Martin, Colleen Pearson, Kathrin Ortiz, Lingling Fu, Phillip Stubblefield, Sandra Cerda, John M Kasznica, Xiaobin Wang


Identification of overweight status is associated with higher rates of screening for comorbidities of overweight in pediatric primary care practice.

Kimberley J Dilley, Lisa A Martin, Christine Sullivan, Roopa Seshadri, Helen J Binns


Identification of a Novel BBS Gene (BBS12) Highlights the Major Role of a Vertebrate-Specific Branch of Chaperonin-Related Proteins in Bardet-Biedl Syndrome

Corinne Stoetzel, Jean Muller, Virginie Laurier, Erica E Davis, Norann A Zaghloul, Serge Vicaire, Cecile Jacquelin, Frederic Plewniak, Carmen C Leitch, Pierre Sarda, Christian Hamel, Thomy J L de Ravel, Richard Alan Lewis, Evelyne Friederich, Christelle Thibault, Jean-Marc Danse, Alain Verloes, Dominique Bonneau, Nicholas Katsanis, Olivier Poch, Jean-Louis Mandel, Helene Dollfus


Glatiramer acetate in primary progressive multiple sclerosis: Results of a multinational, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Jerry S Wolinsky, Ponnada A Narayana, Paul O'Connor, Patricia K Coyle, Corey Ford, Kenneth Johnson, Aaron Miller, Lillian Pardo, Shaul Kadosh, David Ladkani


Genetic Immunodeficiency Diseases

Melissa Abrams, Amy Paller


Gene selection for multiclass prediction by weighted fisher criterion

Jianhua Xuan, Yue Wang, Yibin Dong, Yuanjian Feng, Bin Wang, Javed Khan, Maria Bakay, Zuyi Wang, Lauren Pachman, Sara Winokur, Yi-Wen Chen, Robert Clarke, Eric Hoffman


Gastroschisis in the United States 1988-2003: analysis and risk categorization of 4344 patients.

F Abdullah, M A Arnold, R Nabaweesi, A C Fischer, P M Colombani, K D Anderson, H Lau, D C Chang