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Developmental regulation of genes mediating murine brain glucose uptake

J Y Khan, R A Rajakumar, R A McKnight, U P Devaskar, S U Devaskar


Developmental pathways: Sonic hedgehog-Patched-GLI.

D O Walterhouse, J W Yoon, P M Iannaccone


Clinical and functional effects of mutations in the DAX-1 gene in patients with adrenal hypoplasia congenita

A T Reutens, J C Achermann, M Ito, M Ito, W X Gu, R L Habiby, P A Donohoue, S Pang, P C Hindmarsh, J L Jameson


Roles of nitric oxide synthases in platelet-activating factor-induced intestinal necrosis in rats.

X W Qu, R A Rozenfeld, W Huang, X Sun, X D Tan, W Hsueh


Chlamydia trachomatis infection in a rural population: the importance of screening men.

K N Michelson, J C Thomas, C Boyd, A H Janssens


Candida infection in pediatric liver transplant recipients

R A Gladdy, S E Richardson, H D Davies, R A Superina


SIDS risk factor awareness: assessment among nursing students.

A D Huffman, S M Smok-Pearsall, J M Silvestri, D E Weese-Mayer


Iridocorneal adhesions in patients with the Marfan syndrome.

P J Arnold, M J Donohoe, M J Greenwald, M B Mets