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Acute respiratory tract infection visits of veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders: rates, trends, and risk factors.

Bridget M Smith, Charlesnika T Evans, Jibby E Kurichi, Frances M Weaver, Nayna Patel, Stephen P Burns


Filamentation by Escherichia coli subverts innate defenses during urinary tract infection.

Sheryl S Justice, David A Hunstad, Patrick C Seed, Scott J Hultgren


Parents' reactions to participating in interviews about end-of-life decision making.

Kelly Nicole Michelson, Tracy K Koogler, Kathleen Skipton, Christine Sullivan, Joel Frader


Lysozyme-Modified Probiotic Components Protect Rats against Polymicrobial Sepsis: Role of Macrophages and Cathelicidin-Related Innate Immunity

Heng-Fu Bu, Xiao Wang, Ya-Qin Zhu, Roxanne Y Williams, Wei Hsueh, Xiaotian Zheng, Ranna A Rozenfeld, Xiu-Li Zuo, Xiao-Di Tan


Treatment of vaginal bleeding from a pelvic vascular malformation with desmopressin.

Jennifer T Huang, Marion A Koerper, Ilona J Frieden, Sarah L Chamlin


Surgical management of Graves disease in childhood and adolescence: an institutional experience

Jonathan Sherman, Geoffrey B Thompson, Aida Lteif, W Frederick Schwenk, Jon van Heerden, David R Farley, Seema Kumar, Donald Zimmerman, Marilyn Churchward, Clive S Grant


Surgical guidelines for the management of extra-hepatic portal vein obstruction.

Riccardo Superina, Benjamin Shneider, Sukru Emre, Shiv Sarin, Jean de Ville de Goyet


Predictors of Adherence to Antiretroviral Medications in Children and Adolescents With HIV Infection

Paige L Williams, Deborah Storm, Grace Montepiedra, Sharon Nichols, Betsy Kammerer, Patricia A Sirois, John Farley, Kathleen Malee


Physician perspectives to inform a new recommendation for meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4).

Sarah J Clark, Anne E Cowan, Shannon Stokley, Oleg Bilukha, Matthew M Davis


Orbital optic nerve gliomas in children with neurofibromatosis type 1

Janice Lasky Zeid, Joel Charrow, Mariana Sandu, Stewart Goldman, Robert Listernick


Marketing Fast Food: Impact of Fast Food Restaurants in Children’s Hospitals

Hannah B Sahud, Helen J Binns, William L Meadow, Robert R Tanz