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Psychometric measurement properties of the world health organization disability assessment schedule 2.0 (WHODAS) evaluated among veterans with mild traumatic brain injury and behavioral health conditions.

Amy A Herrold, Sandra L Kletzel, Trudy Mallinson, Theresa L Bender Pape, Jennifer A Weaver, Ann Guernon, Bridget Smith, Judith Babcock-Parziale, Walter M High, Francis Sesso-Osburn, Lynnea Vis


How Do Patients with Mental Health Diagnoses Use Online Patient Portals? An Observational Analysis from the Veterans Health Administration

Bella Etingen, Timothy P Hogan, Rachael N Martinez, Stephanie Shimada, Kevin Stroupe, Kim Nazi, Samantha L Connolly, Jessica Lipschitz, Frances M Weaver, Bridget Smith


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Parental Refusal of Consent in a Large, Multisite Pediatric Critical Care Clinical Trial

Joanne E Natale, Ruth Lebet, Jill G Joseph, Christine Ulysse, Judith Ascenzi, David Wypij, Martha A Q Curley


Allergic Diseases and Immune-Mediated Food Disorders in Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome.

Jaime S Rosa, Joseph D Hernandez, Janell A Sherr, Bridget M Smith, Kayla D Brown, Bahare Farhadian, Talia Mahony, Sean A McGhee, David B Lewis, Margo Thienemann, Jennifer D Frankovich


Health Care Utilization and Costs of Veterans Evaluated for Traumatic Brain Injury Through Telehealth.

Kevin T Stroupe, Rachael Martinez, Timothy P Hogan, Charlesnika T Evans, Joel Scholten, Douglas Bidelspach, Chad Osteen, Brent C Taylor, Bridget M Smith


Health-Related Goal Setting and Achievement Among Veterans with High Technology Adoption.

Rachael N Martinez, Bridget M Smith, Bella Etingen, Thomas K Houston, Stephanie L Shimada, Daniel J Amante, Angela Patterson, Lorilei M Richardson, Gerrit Vandenberg, Sarah L Cutrona, Lisa M Quintiliani, Kathleen L Frisbee, Timothy P Hogan


Healthcare Utilization and Costs for Patients With Parkinson's Disease After Deep Brain Stimulation.

Kevin T Stroupe, Bridget Smith, Frances M Weaver, Beverly Gonzalez, Zhiping Huo, Lishan Cao, Dolores Ippolito, Kenneth A Follett


Characterization of Telehealth Use in Veterans With Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders.

Maya N Hatch, Rachael N Martinez, Bella Etingen, Bridget Cotner, Timothy P Hogan, Itala M Wickremasinghe, Jennifer Sippel, Bridget M Smith


Experiences with the Veterans' Choice Program

Kevin T Stroupe, Rachael Martinez, Timothy P Hogan, Elisa J Gordon, Beverly Gonzalez, Ibuola Kale, Chad Osteen, Elizabeth Tarlov, Frances M Weaver, Denise M Hynes, Bridget M Smith


Joint Society of Critical Care Medicine-Extracorporeal Life Support Organization Task Force Position Paper on the Role of the Intensivist in the Initiation and Management of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation.

Jeffrey DellaVolpe, Ryan P Barbaro, Jeremy W Cannon, Eddy Fan, Wendy R Greene, Kyle J Gunnerson, Lena M Napolitano, Ace Ovil, Jeremy C Pamplin, Matthieu Schmidt, Lauren R Sorce, Daniel Brodie


Surfactant Protein D Is Associated With Severe Pediatric ARDS, Prolonged Ventilation, and Death in Children With Acute Respiratory Failure

Mary K Dahmer, Heidi Flori, Anil Sapru, Joseph Kohne, Heidi M Weeks, Martha A Q Curley, Michael A Matthay, Michael W Quasney