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A novel mouse model of diffuse midline glioma initiated in neonatal oligodendrocyte progenitor cells highlights cell‐of‐origin dependent effects of H3K27M

Yusuke Tomita, Yosuke Shimazu, Agila Somasundaram, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Nozomu Takata, Yukitomo Ishi, Samantha Gadd, Rintaro Hashizume, Angelo Angione, Gonzalo Pinero, Dolores Hambardzumyan, Daniel J Brat, Christine M Hoeman, Oren J Becher


Lessons Learned from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Therapies: Critical Perspectives From the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) COVID-19 Treatment Guideline Panel.

Adarsh Bhimraj, Rebecca L Morgan, Amy Hirsch Shumaker, Lindsey Baden, Vincent Chi-Chung Cheng, Kathryn M Edwards, Rajesh T Gandhi, Jason C Gallagher, William J Muller, John C O'Horo, Shmuel Shoham, Dana Swartzberg Wollins, Yngve Falck-Ytter


Metformin for Treatment of Cytopenias in Children and Young Adults with Fanconi Anemia

Jessica A Pollard, Elissa Furutani, Shanshan Liu, Erica Esrick, Laurie E Cohen, Jacob Bledsoe, Chih-Wei Liu, Kun Lu, Maria Jose Ramirez de Haro, Jordi Surrallés, Maggie Malsch, Ashley Kuniholm, Ashley Galvin, Myriam Armant, Annette S Kim, Kaitlyn Ballotti, Lisa Moreau, Yu Zhou, Daria Babushok, Farid Boulad, Clint Carroll, Helge Hartung, Amy Hont, Taizo Nakano, Tim Olson, Sei-Gyung Sze, Alexis A Thompson, Marcin W Wlodarski, Xuesong Gu, Towia A Libermann, Alan D'Andrea, Markus Grompe, Edie Weller, Akiko Shimamura


Generation and Validation of the Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement Information System Itch Questionnaire-Child (PIQ-C) to Measure the Impact of Itch on Life Quality.

Amy S Paller, Jin-Shei Lai, Kathryn Jackson, Stephanie M Rangel, Cindy Nowinski, Jonathan I Silverberg, Vitali Ustsinovich, David Cella


A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness and Safety of Droperidol for Pediatric Agitation in Acute Care Settings

Shannon C Ramsden, Alba Pergjika, Aron C Janssen, Sukhraj Mudahar, Andrea Fawcett, John T Walkup, Jennifer A Hoffmann


A retrospective analysis of diagnostic testing in a large North American cohort of patients with epidermolysis bullosa.

Gregory Scott Phillips, Amy Huang, Bret D Augsburger, Laura Kaplan, Kathleen Peoples, Anna L Bruckner, Phuong Khuu, Jean Y Tang, Irene Lara-Corrales, Elena Pope, Karen Wiss, Laura E Levin, Kimberly D Morel, Kristen P Hook, Amy S Paller, Lawrence F Eichenfield, Catherine C McCuaig, Julie Powell, Leslie Castelo-Soccio, Moise L Levy, Harper N Price, Lawrence A Schachner, John C Browning, Marla Jahnke, Tor Shwayder, Susan Bayliss, Anne W Lucky, Sharon A Glick


Demystifying the CT Radiation Dose Sheet

Anzi Zhao, Sarah Fopma, Rishi Agrawal


Safety and efficacy of voxelotor in pediatric patients with sickle cell disease aged 4 to 11 years

Jeremie H Estepp, Ram Kalpatthi, Gerald Woods, Sara Trompeter, Robert I Liem, Kacie Sims, Adlette Inati, Baba P D Inusa, Andrew Campbell, Connie Piccone, Miguel R Abboud, Kim Smith-Whitley, Sandra Dixon, Margaret Tonda, Carla Washington, Noelle M Griffin, Clark Brown


Inequities in therapy for infantile spasms: a call to action

Fiona M Baumer, John R Mytinger, Kerri Neville, Christina Briscoe Abath, Camilo A Gutierrez, Adam L Numis, Chellamani Harini, Zihuai He, Shaun A Hussain, Anne T Berg, Catherine J Chu, William D Gaillard, Tobias Loddenkemper, Archana Pasupuleti, Debopam Samanta, Rani K Singh, Nilika S Singhal, Courtney J Wusthoff, Elaine C Wirrell, Elissa Yozawitz, Kelly G Knupp, Renée A Shellhaas, Zachary M Grinspan


Utilization Trends and Disparities in Adolescent Bariatric Surgery in the United States 2009–2017

Megan E Bouchard, Yao Tian, Samuel Linton, Christopher De Boer, Ann O'Connor, Hassan Ghomrawi, Fizan Abdullah


Update on pediatric testicular germ cell tumors.

Jennifer H Aldrink, Richard D Glick, Reto M Baertschiger, Afif N Kulaylat, Timothy B Lautz, Emily Christison-Lagay, Christa N Grant, Elisabeth Tracy, Roshni Dasgupta, Erin G Brown, Peter Mattei, David H Rothstein, David A Rodeberg, Peter F Ehrlich


Prevalence of type 2 inflammatory diseases in pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis: Real-world evidence.

Amy S Paller, Paola Mina-Osorio, Francis Vekeman, Susan Boklage, Usha G Mallya, Sohini Ganguli, Mandeep Kaur, Marie-Noëlle Robitaille, Elaine C Siegfried