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When is My Baby Going Home? Moderate to Late Preterm Infants are Discharged at 36 Weeks Based on Admission Data

Alanna Higgins Joyce, Arnab Sengupta, Craig F Garfield, Patrick Myers


Challenges and satisfaction in Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Programmes: insights from a Europe-wide survey

Rui J Cerqueira, Samuel Heuts, Can Gollmann-Tepeköylü, Simo O Syrjälä, Marlies Keijzers, Alicja Zientara, Omar A Jarral, Kirolos A Jacob, Josephina Haunschild, Priyadharshanan Ariyaratnam, Andras P Durko, Patrick Muller, Patrick O Myers, Justo Rafael Sadaba, Miia L Lehtinen


Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on cardiac surgery practice in 61 hospitals worldwide: results of a survey.

Francesco Onorati, Patrick Myers, Pietro Bajona, Andrea Perrotti, Carlos A Mestres, Eduard Quintana


Cylinder mitral and tricuspid valve replacement in neonates and small children.

Patrick O Myers, Hitendu Dave, Oliver Kretschmar, Tornike Sologashvili, Raymond Pfister, René Prêtre


Shifting Provider Attitudes and Institutional Resources Surrounding Resuscitation at the Limit of Gestational Viability.

Kaitlyn Arbour, Elizabeth Lindsay, Naomi Laventhal, Patrick Myers, Bree Andrews, Angelle Klar, Alston E Dunbar