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Perceptions of Weight Management: Interviews with Adolescents with Severe Obesity and Their Mothers

Karyn J Roberts, Shahad Amr Hafez, Julia Snethen, Helen J Binns, Kathleen A Knafl


Family Management of Severe Obesity in Adolescents.

Karyn J Roberts, Agatha M Gallo, Crystal L Patil, Catherine Vincent, Helen J Binns, Mary Dawn Koenig


Identifying characteristics and outcomes in youth with obesity and developmental disabilities

Melissa B Rubin, Christina M Miller, Sarah C Bauer, Adolfo J Ariza, Helen J Binns


Estimation of Body Fat Percentage for Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies in Children.

Thomas P Green, Helen J Binns, Huali Wu, Adolfo J Ariza, Eliana M Perrin, Maheen Quadri, Christoph P Hornik, Michael Cohen-Wolkowiez


A Scoping Review: Family and Child Perspectives of Clinic-Based Obesity Treatment.

Karyn J Roberts, Helen J Binns, Catherine Vincent, Mary Dawn Koenig


Perspective: Childhood Obesity Requires New Strategies for Prevention

Barbara J Deal, Mark D Huffman, Helen Binns, Neil J Stone


Characteristics Associated with Successful Weight Management in Youth with Obesity.

Michelle C Gorecki, Joseph M Feinglass, Helen J Binns


Health Outcomes of Youth in Clinical Pediatric Weight Management Programs in POWER.

Seema Kumar, Eileen C King, Amy L Christison, Aaron S Kelly, Adolfo J Ariza, Claudia Borzutzky, Suzanne Cuda, Shelley Kirk


Case Reports: Multifaceted Experiences Treating Youth with Severe Obesity

Karen E Schaller, Linda J Stephenson-Somers, Adolfo J Ariza, Maheen Quadri, Helen J Binns


Characteristics of Children Referred to a Lipid Clinic Before and After the Universal Screening Guidelines.

Kavitha Selvaraj, Alicia Olave-Pichon, Irwin Benuck, Adolfo J Ariza, Helen J Binns


Percent Body Fat Measurement in the Medical Management of Children with Obesity.

Maheen Quadri, Adolfo J Ariza, Kavitha Selvaraj, Karen Schaller, Helen J Binns


Use of Metformin for Weight Management in Children and Adolescents With Obesity in the Clinical Setting.

Kathryn E Kyler, Rachel B Kadakia, Hannah L Palac, Soyang Kwon, Adolfo J Ariza, Helen J Binns