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Screening Students and Staff for Asymptomatic Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Chicago Schools.

Priya R Edward, Megan E Reyna, Mary Kate Daly, Judd F Hultquist, William J Muller, Egon A Ozer, Ramon Lorenzo-Redondo, Patrick C Seed, Lacy M Simons, Karen Sheehan, Jacinta Staples, Larry Kociolek


Educational Attainment of Male Homicide Victims Aged 18 to 24 Years in Chicago: 2006 to 2015.

Corey Hazekamp, Suzanne McLone, Sana Yousuf, Maryann Mason, Karen Sheehan


Community-engaged research to develop a Chicago violence research agenda and recommendations to support future community engagement.

Alexander Ellyin, Kelli Day, Jacqueline Samuel, Tami Bartell, Dion McGill, Karen Sheehan, Rebecca Levin


A cross-sectional study of opioid involvement in non-poisoning suicide – risks and prevention opportunities

Maryann Mason, Sarah B Welch, Suzanne McLone, Tami Bartell, Patrick M Lank, Karen Sheehan, Lori Ann Post


Eviction and Pediatric Health Outcomes in Chicago.

Corey Hazekamp, Sana Yousuf, Kelli Day, Mary Kate Daly, Karen Sheehan


Adolescent Firearm Homicides in Chicago, 2013-2017.

Simran Chadha, Suzanne McLone, Maryann Mason, Karen Sheehan


Child Access Prevention Firearm Laws and Firearm Fatalities Among Children Aged 0 to 14 Years, 1991-2016.

Hooman Alexander Azad, Michael C Monuteaux, Chris A Rees, Michael Siegel, Rebekah Mannix, Lois K Lee, Karen M Sheehan, Eric W Fleegler


Sociodemographic Characteristics Associated With Hospitalizations for Anxiety and Depression Among Youth in Illinois.

Audrey G Brewer, Matthew M Davis, Karen Sheehan, Joseph Feinglass


Expert Consensus on Inclusion of the Social Determinants of Health in Undergraduate Medical Education Curricula

Karen A Mangold, Tami R Bartell, Ashti A Doobay-Persaud, Mark D Adler, Karen M Sheehan


Modifiable sleep-related risk factors in infant deaths in Cook County, Illinois

Anna Briker, Suzanne McLone, Maryann Mason, Nana Matoba, Karen Sheehan