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Outcomes from birth to 6 months of publicly insured infants born to mothers with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection in the United States

Tina L Schuh, Leena B Mithal, Sara Naureckas, Emily S Miller, Craig F Garfield, Malika D Shah


Workplace Leave and Breastfeeding Duration Among Postpartum Women, 2016-2018.

Katherine Kortsmit, Rui Li, Shanna Cox, Carrie K Shapiro-Mendoza, Cria G Perrine, Denise V D'Angelo, Wanda D Barfield, Holly B Shulman, Craig F Garfield, Lee Warner


Expanding the international conversation with fathers' mental health: toward an era of inclusion in perinatal research and practice.

Sheehan D Fisher, Jesus Cobo, Barbara Figueiredo, Richard Fletcher, Craig F Garfield, Jane Hanley, Paul Ramchandani, Daniel B Singley


Maternal and Paternal Depression Symptoms During NICU Stay and Transition Home

Craig F Garfield, Young S Lee, Liam Warner-Shifflett, Rebecca Christie, Kathryn L Jackson, Emily Miller


Examining the Effectiveness of the Fathers and Babies Intervention: A Pilot Study.

S Darius Tandon, Jaime Hamil, Emma E Gier, Craig F Garfield


Testing the effects of a prenatal depression preventive intervention on parenting and young children’s self-regulation and functioning (EPIC): protocol for a longitudinal observational study

Alicia Diebold, Jessica K Johnson, Marianne Brennan, Jody D Ciolino, Amelie Petitclerc, Lauren S Wakschlag, Craig F Garfield, Chen Yeh, Aiko Lovejoy, Dana Zakieh, S Darius Tandon