INTRODUCTION: Addressing the Social and Structural Determinants of Health (SSDH) is a primary strategy for attaining health equity. Teaching and learning about SSDH has increased across medical schools throughout the world; however, the published literature describing these efforts continues to be limited and many unknowns persist including what should be taught and by whom, what teaching methods and settings should be used, and how medical learners should be assessed. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Based on published studies, input from experts in the field, and elements from the framework developed by the National Academy of Medicine, we created a universal Social and Structural Determinants of Health Curriculum Assessment Tool (SSDH CAT) to assist medical educators to assess existing SSDH curricular content, ascertain critical gaps, and categorize educational methods, delivery, and assessment techniques and tools that could help inform curricular enhancements to advance the goal of training a health care workforce focused on taking action to achieve health equity. To test the usefulness of the tool, we applied the SSDH CAT to map SSDH-related curriculum at a US-based medical school. RESULTS: By applying the SSDH CAT to our undergraduate medical school curriculum, we recognized that our SSDH curriculum relied too heavily on lectures, emphasized knowledge without sufficient skill building, and lacked objective assessment measures. As a result of our curricular review, we added more skill-based activities such as using evidence-based tools for screening patients for social needs, and created and implemented a universal, longitudinal, experiential community health curriculum. DISCUSSION: We created a universal SSDH CAT and applied it to assess and improve our medical school's SSDH curriculum. The SSDH CAT provides a starting point for other medical schools to assess their SSDH content as a strategy to improve teaching and learning about health equity, and to inspire students to act on the SSDH.

DOI 10.1080/10872981.2023.2178979